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AIM’s mission is to develop a community of confident, multilingual children who are caring, capable, and excited about learning. We provide a unique bilingual Montessori learning environment for children ages 18 months to 12 years, allowing children to advance to their highest academic, social, and leadership potential at their own pace.

We take a holistic approach to education, addressing the mind, body, and character of our students through developing fluent multilingual communication skills, instilling a solid foundation and desire for learning, and creating an open, caring community appreciative and knowledgeable of the wonders and opportunities in an increasingly multicultural and globalized world through various cultural and physical education programs.


The Montessori philosophy of child development is based on the belief that children learn best through concrete, sensorial experiences driven by their curiosity and desire to interact with their environment. (The Montessori method cultivates a child’s natural inner drive to learn during these formative years–one of the most significant stages of development that will have a lifelong effect.) The Montessori classroom environment is carefully prepared and structured to allow each child to learn through independent exploration–with trained instructors at the ready to assist in the process. The sensorial-based materials, practicing fine and gross motor skills, Language, Geography, Mathematics, Science, Art, and Practical Life skills, are prearranged on shelves (within the child’s reach) at his/her own choosing, reinforcing the child’s independence, confidence, sense of accomplishment, and motivation.

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