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Ernest Mahr (“Mahr sensei”), AIM’s Head of School, founded AIM in 2009, after directing two other immersion-Montessori schools in the area. Mahr sensei felt the need for an immersion Montessori program that equally values the child-led Montessori approach and a full-immersion approach that will enable students to comprehend, speak, read, and write in two languages.

Located at the Berkeley/Oakland border, AIM now offers a high-quality Montessori and language immersion program for toddlers all the way to sixth grade, for families from all over the East Bay. AIM has quickly grown to a community of more than 130 children, ages 18 months to 12 years, and a team of over 25 staff members.

Because of their consistent, high-quality, and unique full-immersion approach, our Infant Community and Children’s House programs have been in high demand. We encourage new families to inquire as early as possible for their children to start in the toddler program at around 18 months.

We are very proud that most of our preschool children complete the 3-year Montessori cycle by staying with us for the traditional kindergarten year. Our AIM Elementary program has also matured into one of the Bay Area’s biggest and best Montessori elementary programs, with 30 students led by a team of outstanding Montessori-trained elementary teachers!



At American International Montessori, I have sought to create a rich and nurturing learning environment that will instill respect for each child, others, and the ecological balance of nature. Our goal is not only to help our children reach their highest academic potential but also to encourage their innate love of learning and cultivate understanding and appreciation across cultures.

Over the years, I have developed an extensive network of education professionals who share this vision — and in 2009, we put this vision into practice here at AIM. One of the greatest strengths of AIM is the unsurpassed breadth of experience, quality, and teamwork of our teachers. I have had the privilege of previously working closely with every one of our founding instructors, some of them for more than a decade, and those that joined us more recently to support the growth of our school also bring with them a deep experience in and passion for Montessori.

Our mission is to put that experience to use to provide the best possible education for each child at AIM, and I am honored that so many families have expressed their support for this mission by joining our growing community.

- Ernest Mahr

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