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18 - 36 months old


In a nurturing environment, infants can absorb a new language effortlessly. They can also learn to dress and prepare their own food. In addition, they can learn to live together peacefully, enjoy each other’s company, and show empathy for their little friends' feelings.

AIM provides the environment for your child to make the most of what Dr. Montessori calls the "sensitive period," in which the child's first 6 years of life focus on their 5 senses: touch, taste, smell, sight, and sounds. In our Infant Community, 18-month-olds find a home-like environment, scaled to their size, slowed down to enable independent learning in a language-rich environment that enables them to learn to speak in Chinese and Japanese. Our trained teachers are also there to support each child's learning and curiosity by welcoming their human tendencies and tying them in with their 5 senses.

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