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  1. High-quality Montessori, from toddler through sixth grade. At AIM, your child will experience a quality Montessori environment, from their first day in our toddler program, all the way to sixth grade. If you are interested in continuing your child’s bilingual and Montessori education in Mandarin Chinese or Japanese through the elementary years, AIM is a great option for your child.  

  2. Language immersion, done right. Is the goal for your child to not just understand, but also speak and write in their second language? At AIM, we share the goal of enabling children to become fully bilingual. We aim to equip your child with active language skills, which is why we offer a full immersion environment consisting of bilingual teachers. 

  3. Carefully selected, experienced teachers and a strong, steady leadership team. Our team leaders at both the preschool and elementary levels each have over two decades of Montessori experience. Our teachers are all highly-trained and experienced Montessori experts, as well as native speakers of the language they teach.

  4. A convenient campus location, with beautiful, bright classrooms. Check out our photo gallery, so you can see the great environment your child will grow in!

  5. A welcoming, active, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual community. Parents at our school bring personal heritage from diverse backgrounds. Our enthusiastic, engaged parent groups organize many events that help create a vibrant community experience.

  6. Rave review by parents. Don't just read it from us, check out what parents have to say!

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