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In American culture, toilet learning is often an intimidating process for parents. At AIM, we work together with parents to make toilet learning a much easier experience that helps your child master important independent skills during the toddler years. Learning to use the toilet is a natural process, just like learning to walk and talk. We approach it in the same simple, non-judgmental way.

When you place your child on our waiting list, we will help you get ready for toilet learning by providing you with a detailed description of the process, including ideas on how to prepare for toilet learning.

Once your child joins AIM, we begin toilet learning, even if your child is only 18 months old. We ask that you stop using diapers, even at home, and that you change the child into cloth training pants instead. Diapers take away the discomfort of being wet after an accident. Instead, we advise using cloth training pants so the child can feel the wet pants and want to change. 

At school, we’ll help your child use the toilet on a consistent schedule. When a child has an accident, the teacher will tell the child their pants are wet. Then they will prepare a changing station with the child to show them how to clean themselves up and get dressed again. Consistent changing routine is key to successful toilet learning! 

Before 3 years old, children are usually done toilet learning for both daytime and nighttime. Once toilet learning is successful, the child is able to understand their body and their cues for when they need to use the bathroom. The sensitive period aids this process because it allows the child to understand what their body is capable of, which makes toilet learning a more approachable process. 

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